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A conversation with Brian Dougherty; A founding member of TPL

Along with being a founding member of The Private List, Brian is a Managing Director in the Boston office of Compass and Head of the Private Brokerage division. He founded The Private Brokerage to offer personalized and confidential real estate support to high net worth clients. Brian is a top producing agent in the region and is responsible for over $300 million in sales since 2014.

TPL: What are you markets of expertise?

Brian: “I have been in the business for over 15 years and I work with buyers, sellers, and developers. I think what is a little unique is that I have developed my business to be throughout the region; whereas a lot of brokers are specific neighborhoods. I have really spent time developing relationships throughout the region as I work with long time and loyal clients. I like to work with properties of $2 million-plus whenever possible. In particular, I work in Boston, Brookline, Weston, Wellesley, Dover, Milton, Cohasset and Duxbury, in addition to the cape.”

TPL: What do you love most about your job?

Brian: “Definitely the relationships. Those could be relationships with clients but probably my favorite part about the work is the relationships and friendships with other brokers. It’s a very unique business and we often work 24/7 so there is a connection with other agents in the sense that we understand what one another does. It is a unique dynamic – one minute we are competing to win a listing or sign a contract, but the next minute we are working with the same individual to collaborate and sell the property. My favorite part is developing these tremendous relationships.”

TPL: Can you share an exciting deal you have done?

Brian: “Every deal can be exciting for different reasons. I just sold a property in Lexington to first time home buyers and brand new parents. They bought it during the pandemic without ever seeing the property. It was very exciting that there was this tremendous trust that was established between all of us, and to see them on the morning of the closing love the property more in person and be so excited to bring their new baby home to it.”

TPL: Are there any current trends you are seeing in the market with Covid?

Brian: “We usually do between 30-40 percent off market. This year it is a little lower; 20-30% are off market because of the pandemic there was a small slow down. What I found is that so much of my business during that time came from clients being home with a bottle of wine and flipping through their iPads looking at Zillow and other sites. They do not think they should be buying but they are flipping through and finding something they like. I was seeing that the work from home and shelter in place has created boredom and free time, which has led to deals this spring and summer from people thinking ‘maybe we should get that cape house what are we waiting for.’

One thing that is interesting there is a huge push for the suburbs and the second home market. The cape is the hottest it has been in 30 years. My last listing in Cohasset just closed for 6.9 million; a year ago that would’ve had a handful of showings in the first month or two for that price point. Rather, we had 12 showings in the first week. This was a result of this shift in people saying to themselves ‘we need to get out of the city, we need green space and fresh air.’ This will continue into the fall when clients realize they do not need to commute to Boston or Cambridge – so why live in a condo or small townhome when they can get more for their money and the commute is not much of a factor anymore.”

Megan Bosse

Megan writes about real estate trends for The Private List.

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