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Dress Up Your Home with Gayle Perry

Home stylist Gayle Perry at her home in NY

If you’ve ever furnished a new home, with or without an interior designer, you know what the process is like towards the end: by the time you’ve selected every rug, window treatment and piece of furniture, it’s hard to muster the energy to tackle what we like to call that last 10 percent. 

It is those details—the coffee books, the trays, the lacquered boxes, the decorative items made of glass, metal or stone— that are often overlooked. To NY-based home stylist Gayle Perry, that is the crucial last layer that helps a room feel finished. “Accents and objects are like the jewelry for your home,” says Gayle. “When you introduce metals, wood and fabric, there’s all sorts of magic that happens to a space.”

Adding that 10 percent of magic has become Gayle’s specialty. She’s found a niche among clients who would love to see their homes transformed into places worthy of a magazine photo shoot. And, by the way, Gayle says this can be done no matter the budget. “The greatest thing is being able to make items that cost $20 look expensive,” she says. One can place a lower-cost object next to something from Bloomingdales, for example. “I think that makes a space interesting.” In fact, she says one of her favorite bowls in her personal collection “is an H&M bowl that cost me $14.99, I think!” 

Home styling has been a natural extension for Gayle, who started her career in the fashion industry. She honed her eye for all things beautiful by working with fashion icons Donna Karan and Calvin Klein, helping them launch and market entire divisions of their companies, including Donna Karan Home.  

She eventually pivoted into helping private clients revamp their wardrobe. “I’d help them dress more strategically,” she says. “It’s all about building confidence.” While she was at her clients’ homes working on their closets, they would ask her to take a look at their bedroom or living room. “They’d ask, what do I need? And I’d style it. So it’s a really holistic lifestyling business.” With COVID, demand for those services has grown. “Now that there’s a shift where people are spending more time at home and living in different ways, this side of my business has really picked up.”

We had the pleasure of working with Gayle on a recent project, where she helped style a large, gorgeous home in preparation for showing it to buyers. The Private List assembled a top-notch team for our clients: we matched them with a top real estate agent from our network; we found them a local, specialty team to oversee deep organizing of the home and the painting of several rooms; we are coordinating movers and estate sales; we’re redesigning several bedrooms with new furniture. But it was Gayle’s expert eye we sought to tackle that crucial 10 percent: from advising on the removal or relocation of the home’s existing furniture, to selecting new bedding, to adding dozens of new decorative items, to choosing beautiful plants to add life throughout the house. The place has been completely transformed!

We’re excited to see more of Gayle’s work as she continues to style properties in Boston. For more information about Gayle, follow her blog on Instagram @gaylestyle, or get her fashion advice at 

Sylvia Westphal

Sylvia is the founder of The Private List. She loves all aspects of home styling and interior design and especially enjoys thinking about ways to improve a home by rethinking spaces and finishes.

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