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A Conversation with Maggie Gold Seelig, Founder of MGS Group Real Estate

A New York City native and lawyer by training, Maggie founded MGS Group Real Estate after working at Coldwell Banker. Widely recognized in the industry as a “top broker” for those seeking to buy or sell high-end properties, Maggie knows that being nimble and truly able to think ‘out of the box’ are critical to achieving her clients’ objectives. 

Maggie with her new puppy Cooper

TPL: How long have you been in the business and how have you seen it change since then?

MGS: I have been in the business just over a decade.  And it has been a wonderful decade! In that time, I think what is most interesting is the proliferation of information available to consumers. Sites like Redfin, Trulia and Zillow provide information (not always correct!) which has both benefits and detriments.  Redfin’s literally by-the-minute market updates are fantastic…but in the Boston area luxury market, things like Zillow’s “Zestimates” provide confusion!

TPL: What do you love most about your job?

MGS: I love getting to work with really smart, varied and interesting  clients. I love advising clients, figuring out their real estate goals and helping them achieve them.  I love looking at fantastic properties … interesting architecture…wonderful design.

TPL: If you could go back in time to give advice to yourself when you were getting started, what would it be?

MGS: I think I followed great advice at the beginning … find a smart, honest, talented broker from whom to learn the business.  When I first wanted to transition from law practice to real estate brokerage, I had clients and had done a bunch of real estate deals for myself but I didn’t know the intricacies of the business. Like law, real estate is an apprenticeship profession. I asked one of the smartest brokers with whom I had personally worked with, Gail Roberts, if I could work with her and if she would be my mentor. Lucky me – she said yes!  I wanted to learn from the best. She is simply one of the best!

TPL: What’s the deal you’re proudest of?

MGS: I am really proud of most of my deals because I am not transaction oriented but client focused. That yields wonderful results!  One deal that stands out : a couple asked to meet with me. They had been looking in Cambridge for a house for 2 years and had no luck. They had fallen in love with 3 properties during that time but could never win the bid.  I asked them to do some homework and tell me everything they had seen in the 2 years. I wanted to know what they loved or didn’t love about each property, etc. I wanted details. Not much comes up in Cambridge, so I wanted to know everything they had been through. 

They did the homework and I remember it was Spring Break holiday. I was in Israel for a family bar mitzvah and they were in Jamaica. I got a call from a broker saying that a specific house was coming on the market. From just that conversation and the details they provided me, I knew that house was “the one.” I had been in it a few years earlier.  So I called them immediately. I had NEVER shown them a house and we had NEVER seen anything together. But they trusted me and they told me on the call “If you think it is our house, we trust you. Put in an offer.”

We put in an offer immediately, before the house hit the market and before they ever saw the property. And: we got the house! We went to the inspection a week later when everyone was back from Spring Break.  As we opened the door, they turned to me and said “THANK YOU!” That was a great real estate moment!

TPL: Tell us something about yourself that most people don’t know.

MGS: I love to do Tracy Anderson Method dance and exercise! And I love to sing (and have a decent voice!)*

*[TPL note: We have heard Maggie sing and can certify that this is true!]

Megan Bosse

Megan writes about real estate trends for The Private List.